In 2014, Bulgari’s Jewelry, Accessories and Watchmaking departments contacted us for their international training needs.

As with the Fragrance Department, the Training Suite solution was the obvious choice, but the challenge was considerable, as the themes of the three departments are much broader than those of the Fragrance Department. Even if the functionalities are the same, it is the creation and production of content that will make the difference with more motion design to enhance the brand's magnificent collections.

Bulgari Training Suite JWA application

It is an application developed with Flex, packaged in Air with all content managed by a Drupal CMS.

Interface and functionalities of a module

An intuitive interface allows trainers to easily find their way through the list of modules with a categorization and status (installed, update, ...). By clicking on a module, a dashboard interface gives access to all its features including the export of the module to PDF format. This export takes into account the customizations and allows the trainer to access the module guidelines.

In addition, associated files can be added to the module and downloaded by the trainer, always to improve the preparation of his trainings.

Storyboard and Customization

By clicking on the Storyboard icon, all the chapters and slides of the module are displayed and the customization function allows you to hide chapters and/or slides and save this selection as a customized version. These versions are displayed in the module's dashboard and can be played and also exported in PDF format.

Synchronization and update

Modifications made on Drupal for the creation or evolution of modules are directly reflected in the Training Suite application when it is connected. Thus, new modules or updates can be seen directly in the module listing interface and the installation is done transparently.


One of the features of Training Suite is its ability to manage multiple languages of a module without making multiple versions. So when a mold is installed in one language, it only takes a few seconds to install it in another language because only the translated texts are installed. The translated modules remain synchronized and can easily evolve in all languages.


Trainers very rarely train on a single module. The Training Suite application proposes to create a playlist in which the trainer can add modules, personalized or not, with mediaboxes of his choice, the interface indicating the total duration of the playlist.

  • Flash
  • Drupal