Bulgari Modulæ


In 2016, to meet the new needs of Bulgari's Fragrance Department, we offer a new version of the application which is now called Modulæ.

The Lux Modernis agency creates and realizes the training modules. In addition to new functionalities, the architecture of the solution has been completely redesigned and is now composed of 3 parts:

The Factory is a rich content production platform developed by the agency that allows to package static content to be played in different contexts including Modulæ. The Factory integrates a translation workflow and manages versions.

The Library is a module distribution platform developed by the agency whose role is to organize training content and users. Modules can be distributed individually or in collections and user access management includes permissions and restricted rights.

The application integrates many new features such as the combined installation of modules, collections, a custom interface, a dashboard, ...

  • Flash
  • Drupal