Moët Explorer


Moët Explorer is certainly the craziest project imagined and realized by Ici la Lune.

Creative freedom and technological challenge have never been so present in a project. In retrospect, one can see the risk-taking and the level of confidence Moët & Chandon had in such an ambitious project from such a young agency.

To summarize this project, it is a journey through which we propose to each Internet user to become a champagne cork, to walk on a giant map discovering geolocalized contents of the brand, to chat with other corks and all in a real time environment (night / day). The sublime music that invites to travel was of course created by Musa Machina.

This project received the Clic d'or 2001 award in the Best Design category and was a defining web app for the agency.

The world map

The huge world map is broken down into 124 images that load as the user navigates. The day and night on the map are calculated in real time as well as the number of kilometers covered by traffic jams.

The chat

Wandering alone on a huge map can be a bit tiring, so we imagined Moët Explorer as a space for exchange and discussion with other traffic jams. Thanks to Shockwave Multiuser, it is possible to see all the users who are online via their corks and to open a chat window to discuss between corks...

The contents

The contents geolocated on the map are positioned with their real GPS coordinates converted into position on the map. Thus, a Japanese exhibition selected or sponsored by Moët & Chandon will be precisely positioned in Japan. To discover this content and many others, you just have to move your cap in the right direction.

  • Shockwave