Renault interactive kiosks


All car shows are composed of stands of varying size, but Renault’s have one thing in common: an interactive kiosk!

Selected by Renault, we imagined an application based on a multilingual presentation system of vehicles that must be deployed on CD-ROM (no network on the shows). This is the challenge of the Renault interactive kiosks that have been present at all the brand's trade shows for 8 years.

The CMS Made in Lune was used to organize and structure the contents of all the shows, vehicles, models, engines, options with their texts and media (photos, videos). Deployed on cd-rom and installed the day before the opening of the shows on interactive terminals, the application allowed the visitors to discover all the characteristics of the models exposed with a very simple interface.

Used on all the car shows between 2005 and 2011, the applications installed on Renault's interactive kiosks made it possible to cover about one hundred shows.

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