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March 22, 2021

ICI LA LUNE launches LuneShop, a turnkey online store solution that is characterized by its simplicity and a model without subscription or commitment.

LuneShop is designed for traditional businesses as well as for craftsmen. Businesses have more and more communities on social networks and LuneShop, in this context, offers them the possibility to sell their products online.

Our first LuneShop customers allowed us to better understand their needs. Among them, a very reputable butcher's shop in the Paris region was able to develop its activity with customers outside its geographical area.

The existing means are finally very limited. Giant marketplaces, such as Amazon or Cdiscount, restrict the expression of a singularity and a know-how on the part of merchants, with high operating costs, while the use of freelancers or agencies for the implementation of an online store incurs high initial costs. We bet on a model based solely on a percentage of online sales. The initial investment is almost zero for the customer, we are paid only if the online sale is effective. 

Our model lies in the fact that the design and architecture of our product allows us to create a personalized online store in a few hours. Our flexible and transparent offer guarantees the independence of businesses that are not captive to the process. Moreover, our platform is scalable and personalized, it adopts the customer's logo, color codes and domain name of his choice.