WIN app


The WIN collaborative platform centralizes and shares innovations in the field of Wines and Spirits.

Open to all employees of the Moët Hennessy Group brands, it has become a space for inspiration and sharing for activities related to brand innovation. Available in French and English and equipped with a unique workflow for this type of application, WIN is as innovative as the content it distributes and shares.

What better way to share innovations than with an innovative App

One of the innovations of WIN is the possibility for all users to create and submit a news item or an innovation (if they have the Contributor role). Thus, all WIN content comes from the users, which contributes to a wider adhesion to this platform offered by the Moët Hennessy group to all the employees of its brands.

A rich contribution experience

The user writes his text in French or English, fills in the required fields and by clicking on Translate, his text is automatically translated into English or French.

The automatic translation service of Google Translate is used.

Then, the user adds photos, videos or Youtube links to complete his news or his innovation.

An intuitive interface for easy contribution

Innovations submitted to a jury vote

The news proposed by users are simply validated or rejected by the WIN team. For the proposed innovations, a Jury composed of marketing managers from different brands of the group is asked to vote.

Users who have the Jury role have an additional icon in the App menu to access the innovations put to vote. They just have to click Yes or No. For a negative vote, they have the possibility to justify their vote with a comment.

When the voting deadline has passed, the innovation is automatically published on the App or rejected.

The voting for the innovations is done directly in the App

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