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  • Launch date13 oct. 2022
  • Version1.0.6
  • TypePWA(Progressive Web App)


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Our Web Application will soon be available on the Stores.
One Web Application, several possible uses, this has been our motto since 1998.

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Our story is made of meetings.

There is the initial meeting, that of 3 student friends who decide to see bigger than themselves by creating their own digital design agency in the middle of the internet explosion.

During our studies, we were not the only ones to explore the possibilities of interactive design, there are our friends Thierry Grey, Olivier Comon, Antoine Bourel and Jean-François Rey.

Then there are decisive encounters like that of Jean-Louis Boissier who, during a conference, presented his digital works and showed us a direction, that of digital experimentation with the Director software.

That of Jean-Louis Fréchin who transmitted his passion for design to us, then opened the doors of the multimedia at Montparnasse Multimédia and later of the car shows of Renault with exciting digital projects.

Dorothée Damay, a lawyer at the SACD, who accompanied us and pushed us to register for the Salon des jeunes créateurs at the Milia in Cannes, which allowed us to make our first professional encounters.

Matthieu De Lesseux, from Connect World, who believed in us and allowed us to participate in the tender for Chanel that we won and who showed us that our destiny was to remain independent and distant from communication groups.

Our friend Didier Pagel who trusted us to rent our first real lunar office, rue des moines in Paris, and who was for a few years our partner and client for projects as whimsical as his personality.

Our friend Jean-François Cadoret who introduced us to Philippe Di Méo, from Reso Design, who trusted us and introduced us to Moët & Chandon for a human (and digital) adventure that continues since 1999.

That of our great friend and composer Charles Vannier of Musa Machina, our lifelong companion who has created the magnificent soundtracks of our projects.

Emmanuel Mounier who trusted us with a web application project for the management of the merger acquisition of an aluminum giant, showing us that digital design has no domains or borders.

Claire Millward who trusted this small Parisian agency to create the international training tool for Bulgari, a beautiful collaboration that still lasts after 16 years.

There is also the whole open-source community that has been working without interruption for so many years to offer a safer and more powerful internet, especially with the Angular and Drupal frameworks that we like to push to their limits.

Not forgetting our partners from and Skilld who contribute to the success of our recent projects.

And then how can we not mention all the talents who have directly participated in the adventure of the agency, Thomas, Aki, Akihiko, Vincent, Thierry, Fatima, Grégory, Andrzej, Dominique, Shaheen, Jérémie, Brice, Maxime, Laurent, Christina, Simon and Nithi.

Without forgetting our distant friends from Paris, César Mattar and Shinjiro Calm Nishino and of course our respective families who always supported us.

Thanks to all of you.


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Full of Dreams - Instrumental Version created by DJ Taz Rashid