Changer d’ère


This exhibition tried to provide answers to the question: What can I do, on a daily basis, to improve and preserve the environment while maintaining my quality of life?

This exhibition at the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie questions some of our habits, proposes new ways of doing things and helps visitors ask themselves the right questions about consumption.

Selected to produce the videos exhibited throughout the exhibition in a scenography conceived by No design, the films we have produced are integrated into a setting composed of video projections, sound effects and interactive screens.

The exhibition

This exhibition of 900 m2 has made the bet of imagination, innovation and access for all to better living, respecting our environment. The challenge of eco-design is to imagine efficient, easy-to-use objects whose end-of-life has been anticipated in order to reduce their environmental impact on the planet.

Changer d'ère proposes to each of us to act by ourselves, without waiting, to reduce the pressure that man exerts on nature. By producing and consuming differently, citizens, politicians, companies and designers will together build an economy that is more attentive to the environment, more forward-looking, in a word, lighter...

The exhibition is organized in five parts along a path that provides visitors with the information they need to adopt a point of view: The State of the Earth, The Ecological Footprint, The Fertile Agreement, Life Scenarios and The Manifesto. Armed with their ecopass, they can play the ecological footprint game, test their knowledge and find food for thought in the many objects on display.