A dedicated team accompanies you step by step in your motion design video creation. From the writing of the script to the final rendering, benefit from the expertise of motion designers for a video that looks like you.

Writing the script and storyboard

No good motion design without a good script.

Structuring your message, for a better fluidity and a better understanding of your concepts. The most important thing is to make your message intelligible!

Writing the script allows you to set up all the elements of the staging, supported by a storyboard. These two essential elements lead to a validation of the course of your film before it goes into production.

2D or 3D animations

Our animated graphic creations stage your contents, as close as possible to your brand image. We use the full range of our skills, from video editing and photos to 3D animation, character creation and animation, special effects, etc.

Rhythmic, to energize your content, or more calm to pass your educational message, the motion design adapts to your needs by giving a unique graphic spirit to your image.

Casting of the voice-overs

The voice-over supports your concepts, allowing your audience to remain immersed in the creation of your film.

Often explanatory, it allows a better understanding of your message. But it does not only deliver it; its tessitura will also bring a color to your film (serious, serious, cheerful...).

We select for you voice-overs from different banks, in English as well as in French and in all common languages.

Creation of the sound design

Sound design is an important part of the final quality of your film. Since our beginnings, our partner Musa Machina follows us in our creations by providing original music, sound effects, song compositions and voice-overs.

Each soundtrack supports the graphic animation, and vice-versa each animated creation responds synchronously to the sound accents composed.