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Modulæ is a solution for creating customized training experiences based on a long creative and technical experience. Since 2010 and 2 generations of applications, we have conceived and realized a system of transformation of animations realized in motion design into multilingual modules. 

Motion design to have a maximum of creative freedom for the staging of products or brand values. 

Multilingual modules to answer an international audience.

Modulæ is a hybrid solution that meets the new challenges of training.


Create and animate your texts and media in motion design

Thanks to Adobe After Effects software, you have great freedom to stage your content in a creative and customized way. Once created, your composition which will become a slide will be exported in a zip format with the Modulæ Plugin.


Import your zip file in the Factory

The Factory is a CMS that allows your training content to be structured and composed of chapters and slides.

The Factory also allows you to translate all your texts without any language limitation so that your modules can be completely assimilated by your international audience.


Publish your translated module online with Modulæ App

Once your modules are finalized, they are published online with Modulæ App and accessible with a web browser but also installable on all your devices!

Indeed, one of the features of Modulæ App is the possibility to install the App and its contents on your devices for a network-free consultation.



Thanks to the storyboard, you can discover in detail the slides of your modules and create your own version. By deactivating slides or chapters, you can present a personalized module according to your objectives or timing constraints.

The Preview mode allows you to prepare your presentation by viewing all the slides and displaying guidelines that provide the trainer with additional information on each slide.


Associated files

You can associate files with each module so that they can be downloaded by your trainers.


Exploitation and distribution

Modulæ App is available in Web App mode but it can also be integrated in your LMS solutions and websites via an iFrame.

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