The beginnings of Ici la Lune

Students since 1992 at the School of Art and Design of Amiens, it is in 1994 that we discovered multimedia through an exhibition of digital art by Jean-Louis Boissier.

From then on, we participated in the creation of an interactive design workshop within the school with Macromedia Director and Adobe's creative suite as the main tools.

In 1996, we had already completed joint projects in several fields such as animation, urban planning, architecture and interactive storytelling. Our work at that time was characterized by a multiple research of digital experiences where numerous interactive stagings of texts, images, videos and music were mixed.

Spotted in the national multimedia press, we participated in the biennial Artifices 4 in Saint-Denis with the Cosmix series.

1996, it is also the year of our military service but it is especially the year when we decided to give the name ICI LA LUNE to our collective. 

The year of the beginning


The 3 founders of Ici la Lune in 1996