Moving to Paris and beginning of the collaboration with Moët & Chandon

That year, the lunar crew took up residence first near the Bastille and then in the 17th arrondissement with its own premises. 1999 was also the beginning of autonomy with new direct clients after a year spent subcontracting for advertising agencies.

First of all, the meeting with the champagne house Moët & Chandon, thanks to the agency Reso design, laid the foundations of a collaboration that lasts until today.

The first project was a web app to celebrate the Esprit du Siècle with an interactive universe around this exceptional vintage. This was followed by other projects such as an advent calendar in collaboration with the artist François Glineur.

Projects of 1998

These 2 projects allowed us to be in direct contact with our clients and to propose a creative and innovative answer for these 2 achievements.

iWays is a series of cd-rom realized by the agency on the news of the video games published by Infogrames.

Developed with Director and distributed on cd-rom, iWays is composed of a catalog of video games accompanied by news of the brand, then European leader of the sector. The playful interface highlights the video games with intuitive and fluid navigation accompanied by a yellow avatar, a sort of pacman, created by Headfirst, a famous British design studio.

At the dawn of the new millennium, Moët & Chandon created the Spirit of the Century, a blend of 11 vintages dating from 1900 to 1995.

Thought as a tribute to the history of the house, the famous brand selected us with the help of Philippe Di Méo, founder of the agency Reso design, to design an experimental web app to stage this crazy project. Available in 3 languages and realized in Shockwave, the web app proposes a journey through time through a new digital experience.

By leaving the subcontracting with Euro RSCG, we could finally realize our vision of an independent agency.
Benoît Plâtre


The Grail: Shockwave site of the day !

At the time, innovation on the web was rewarded by Macromedia, editor of Director (then Flash) and our site was distinguished with this award.

The web app available in 3 languages (including Japanese) is a real exercise whose contents and interfaces are inspired by 4 years of interactive experiences mixing student projects (Cosmix, Cirque de la Lune, ...) and presentation of our services.

The interface in 3 colors for the 3 languages delivers a wide variety of navigation modes in a completely new user experience that mixes world map, music clip, infinite scroll and other findings.

It's the era of multimedia, but this word has never had an echo in our vision, which was rather supermedia, it was not an addition of media but a fusion.