Training Suite, solution for training

In 2005, a long and fruitful collaboration with the Italian luxury house BVLGARI took place. 

The brand asked us about its need to train its employees on the products and sales methods of its Fragrance Department. The observation is simple, the training is disorganized and is done by sending files to different trainers around the world.

Based on our experience, still ongoing at the time, with the car manufacturer Renault, on the creation of platforms managing multilingualism, we proposed a solution to BVLGARI to enable them to take control of all the content created within the training department: the BVLGARI Training Suite.



Bulgari Training Suite

Centered around a Drupal CMS for the back-office, we will develop a content presentation application that meets the client's needs, built around a library of modules.

Each module presenting a theme, a collection, is an opportunity to implement our know-how in terms of motion design to raise the scripting to the level of expectations of such a prestigious client.

It was also an opportunity to set up a complete automated workflow, from production to broadcasting, to meet the urgent need to put many modules online.


Creation of modules for Chopard

The no less prestigious Chopard company called on us in 2007 to also become a Training Suite client, focusing on its jewelry and haute-horlogerie universe.

With its features geared towards the classroom, such as downloadable guidelines or associated files, the ability to customize presentations or mix them into playlists, off-line reading, and management of up to 26 different languages, this solution will also end up attracting the other departments of the BVLGARI brand in 2013: Watchmaking, fine jewelry and accessories.

Now grouped under the name Modulæ, the solution continues to be perfected to adapt to the new needs of training.