LuneShop, a newcomer in eCommerce

Online sales are one of the answers to the difficulties that many merchants are facing due to the health crisis.

In 2020, it is particularly the case for a local cheese shop located in Montreal and closed because of the restrictions in place during this period. We proposed to the manager to set up a simple but complete online store, from the management of the product catalog to the secure online payment.

We developed a solution called LuneShop which will be marketed from the 2nd half of 2020 with the launch of new stores in France and Quebec.


Quelques boutiques en ligne LuneShop

A unique and original design

LuneShop is not a classic online store, it is a customizable solution, not duplicated but shared.

The result is an easy maintenance thanks to the modularity of its design and the simplicity of its automated deployment.

Thus, the open-source technologies Drupal and Angular make LuneShop a completely configurable product, which offers a very fast implementation of an online store, without any line of code.

LuneShop is positioned to be the digital version of the merchant's store, with their colors and identity.

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