From Shockwave to Flash, to our ‘Made in Lune’ know-how

As Flash and its ActionScript became the standard for creating rich, dynamic websites, we made the transition that year.

Since the beginning of the decade, two main technologies have been competing in the field of high-flying websites: Shockwave and Flash, both from the publisher Macromedia, which was bought out a few years later by the firm Adobe.

We are then specialists in Shockwave technology, thanks to our past experience at Montparnasse Multimédia and the creation of cultural CD-Roms, this technology being similar to that used on the so-called 'off-line' media. Several of our creations at the beginning of this millennium are based on the Shockwave plug-in, such as the first site for Chanel, Moët Explorer, which was awarded by a Design Click d’or in 2001, as well as our own website, which was awarded the Shockwave Site Of the Day in 1998...

...But since then, Flash technology has continued to progress, rapidly becoming the most widely used in ‘rich media’ sites. So it was in 2002 that we decided to make the switch and set about becoming one of the agencies at the forefront of this technology, with a first site created for the chocolate maker Patrick Roger, followed by sites for the Louis Vuitton Cup and the Moët Cup and our sound design partner Musa Machina.

A new Flash / Flex development technology will then appear, facilitating the creation of user interfaces, and thus the development of web applications oriented for professionals. This technological choice will allow us to create a first tool, the Training Composer for BVLGARI and its training department.


Musa Machina's web app, an interactive musical ode

This technological know-how, in progress since 1998, is gathered in the form of our Digital Factory: Made in Lune. Made in Lune provides ready-to-use solutions with a high level of performance, process automation and stability. These 'Libraries' regrouping our know-how are composed of powerful functionalities intended for web application developers, and constantly updated with the latest technologies.