New experience... on the moon

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Ignition!

Take off and have a nice trip to our lunar webapp to infinity and beyond!

For this new vintage, we offer you a journey from the Earth to the Moon in real time 3D, going through stratum by stratum everything that makes our agency. 

Time flows to the rhythm of day and night, of the Moon making its revolution... Blonde, redheaded, sometimes blue, the Moon in all its varieties, under each of its aspects can be discovered through its projects, to meet its values.

This web app represents the quintessence of our know-how: a custom-made experience, in 3D, immersive and surprising.

It has many technical features that will be detailed in our blogs, but let's focus on the user experience.


What is really between the Earth and the Moon?

A dreamlike experience…

…far from the current graphic standards and yet in line with our vision of an immersive, creative and resolutely singular web.

Do we really know what the space between the Earth and the Moon is made of? 

A sidereal void?

Yes... but let's imagine that this space becomes a space of expression. Then anything can happen... The limits are only those of our imagination. Colorful light flows that punctuate the 384,400 km with contents that present and express the uniqueness of this independent and human-sized agency between Paris and Montreal.